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CID / Agent Not Reporting to Stratusphere

The Stratusphere CID/Agent is very simple. It only needs port 443(TCP/UDP) and DNS/IP resolution to call back to Stratusphere.

Top issues found with the CID not reporting data:

  1. CID cannot resolve DNS/IP of Stratusphere System.
  2. CID not running.
  3. Workstation WMI Database corrupt or missing metrics.

Critical Notes:

  1. The CID(Stratusphere Agent) only calls Stratusphere - Stratusphere does not call the CID.
  2. Stratusphere is a Linux system. It does not register with MS active directory for DNS. You have to manually create the DNS entry.

Diagnostics Step 1: (Machine/CID - Not Reporting)

  • 1) Review Stratusphere Inventory Tab to see if machine is reporting AND Last Contact is Current
    • 1.A) If machine CID is reporting proceed to Diagnostics Step 2:
  • 2) RDP to a machine that is not reporting to Stratusphere
  • 3) Open Windows Control Panel
    • Control Panel - Top Right - View by: Small/Large Icons
  • 4) Here you fill find the CID Control Panel Applet
  • 5) Review the "About" tab for "Assigned HUB:"
    • Assigned HUB: [This should be your Stratusphere HUB]
    • Verify that the machine can ping the DNS entry and open a Web Browser to Stratusphere
  • 6) Review the "Status" tab for running status.

(If the services are not started - Please Review Installation manual)

If it is a Virtual Machine the Post Activation Script is probably not configured.

Diagnostics Step 2: (Machine/CID Reporting but no data)

If the machine CID is connecting to Stratusphere and it shows up in inventory then we need to review the Stratusphere Event Log tab. Chances are you will find errors for the WMI database on the machine name/IP or the communication certificate. There are KB articles on our support site on for how to resolve these issues.

Note: Review "Administration Reports" - There are several reports in Stratusphere to show the issues above.