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Detect/prevent disk signature duplicates when creating FlexApps.

I recently encountered an issue where a new FlexApp VHD was created by FPC with the same disk signature (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Master_boot_record#ID) as an existing FlexApp. Both of these FlexApps were mounted in the same user session without any adverse indication to the user, presumably because the VHDs are non-bootable, read-only volumes. However, while troubleshooting an unrelated issue with the user, it was noticed that the Windows System event log was completely filled with error messages related to the duplicate disk signatures present on the system. As a result, the event log was near useless in the troubleshooting effort, not to mention the additional system I/O created.

Although this issue can be mitigated by the ProfileUnity admin, it involves maintaining a separate database of the FlexApp disk signatures as they are created by the FPC, which is information that could reasonably be incorporated into the existing MongoDB provided by ProfileUnity. The additional checks to prevent such duplicate disk signatures getting created by FPC also seem reasonably easy to implement.

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