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Hiding Folders Under This PC

lwl_gpeck ✭✭✭

Symptoms or Error

When users folders are redirected, the Quick Access folders reflect the redirected location; however, the folders under This PC do not.

For Example:

All of the following folders, should be redirected and have been configured this way via the ProfileUnity Folder Redirection Module. However, after a user logs into a Windows 10 Desktop or a Server 2016 Server, the Folder Redirection works just fine for these folders under the "Quick Access" section, but under the "This PC" section, only the 'Desktop' folder shows redirected while the others are still appearing as the local directory.

Under "This PC":

  • 'Downloads' is showing local directory
  • 'Desktop' is showing redirected path directory
  • 'Documents' is showing local directory

Under "Quick Access":

  • 'Downloads' is showing redirected path directory
  • 'Desktop' is showing redirected path directory
  • 'Documents' is showing redirected path directory


Hiding the folder under "This PC" is the solution to the problem. Not only does hiding the folders remove the to locations, but it also cleans up explorer and gives the user a simpler interface to work with. The solution is detailed in an existing KB article (located here), but attached to this article is the JSON file that can be imported to make implementing the change simpler.

The attached JSON file, when imported, configures the Desktop, Music, Downloads, Videos, Pictures, and Documents to be hidden. It also removes the 3D Objects folder. Each rule can be paused individually. Simply, download the attached file, remove the ".txt" extension, and import the JSON into the configuration you would like to to be added to. The rules will be in the registry module.