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Use the same AD field (CN, not UPN) for both ProfileDisks and Portability settings

I do not know if this is a bug or new feature, but here goes. :)

ProfileUnity uses the truncated part of the UPN as the "username" to build the ProfileDisk.

ProfileUnity THEN uses the CN to build the portability and redirected folders.

This is not consistent and causes errors. When a user in our environment logs in, ProfileUnity uses the truncated part of the UPN as the "username". Our UPNs DO NOT MATCH the CN at all. This leaves the user with 2 folders on the Profile server.

To complicate matters, we use Horizon View with Pods. If a user attaches to a local Pool, 2 different folders are created. If they attach to a remote Pool, only 1 folder is created. Hence the user "looses" his/hers appdata/ProfileDisk.

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  • Recently we released a fix for the latest 6.8.3 R2. It fixes the problem related to ProfileDisk.

    1. Please download the file and remove the .txt extension.

    2. You then can replace these files on the master image in the ProfileUnity\Flexapp folder AND/OR put them into the Flexapp.zip on NETLOGON\Profileunity and refresh your desktops.

    Everything related to profiledisk will then always use the "shortname" for all paths even if they login using [email protected]. Pleas note this was only tested as a patch for R2

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