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Tool to mount/unmount FlexApp from third party apps

As some customers just want to use FlexApp, and already have some other UEM tools in place, you could create a tool to mount/unmount FlexApp from third party apps, without having to run full ProfileUnity agent.

Customer would then user their existing UEM tool to run the tool (ex.: mount_flexapp <app.package).

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  • @c1698766 The challenge with this request is two fold, 1.) Licensing (which end users nor us a vendor like having to deal with) and 2.) There is a lot of logic in the ProU agent that wraps around FlexApp. So, in short we need the agent today. However later down the line we will think about this more as we are re-writing the agent to be more of a service architecture with an API that could also have a CLI that is the FlexApp wrapper.