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Global Variables

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Under the ProfileUnity Administration settings there is a seldom used section called Global Variables. Global Variables are just as the name implies, variables you can use globally (almost) within the ProfileUnity configuration. Be default the look like the following image, nothing populated.

Why Use Global Variables

As a professional services delivery consultant, I use Global Variables to make it easier to make changes in ProfileUnity configurations. Possible uses are print server names, file server names, etc. The example below goes through providing the ability to change print server names without modifying any printers in the ProfileUnity printers module. If your organization creates a new print server due to OS upgrades or any other reason, and asks you to update your configuration to point to the new print server, this makes it easier. You simply update the Global Variable and deploy your configuration again.

Global variables can be used many places in the configuration, ensure you test your configurations to ensure it is working as expected.

To create a Global Variable

Create a global variable, head to the Administration Settings of ProfileUnity, and simply type a variable name and value, the example below is for a print server.

Variable Name: PrintServer

Variable Value: \\Print01.domain.local

To Use a Global Variable

In this case, we are using a printer Global Variable, so in a configuration that assigns printers, add a printer and use the variable in place of the server name. When using a Global Variable, put braces around your variable name and on deployment or download, the ProfileUnity Console replaces your variable with the value set in the Administration Settings page.

Places to Use Global Variables

Global Variables are used wherever a change in that value would require lots of modifications to similar rules, i.e. Printers and file server paths. Save yourself some time in the future with the use of Global Variables.

  • Print Server
  • ProfileUnity User Archive (Home) directory
  • Scripts Directory



  • Thanks for this write-up Greg! This is almost always overlooked and it's something I need to make sure I get in the habit of using more often. It definitely makes major updates much simpler!

  • Good one Greg!