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Outlook Plugin

Has anyone successfully packaged a plugin for Outlook (2016 or above)? I am trying to package an application used for legal team and have been unsuccessful.


  • I have one or two clients that have done it. It was their document management applications plugin. What plugin are you trying to package and I can ask my legal clients what they are doing.

  • It was an application for Legal called DMS4Legal. I was actually successful in packaging it finally. It was required that I have a working email account setup prior to packaging the software (I don't like to domain join packaging machines, but it was necessary in this case).

  • Hi jvogel,

    Any special technique you used? Our systems have to be joined to the domain so that isn't an issue for us but I am unable to get an add-on working with Outlook.

  • The legal plugin was very unique and took some time to get working.

  • jvogel
    jvogel ✭✭✭

    Hey Rhammond,

    We looked at Harmon.ie also, but went with Epona's DMSforLegal. Pretty simple,

    1) Installed the app on a regular non-persistent desktop that was domain joined and configured it to work. I then captured the registry keys for the settings. I did it this way because my pkg machine is NOT domain joined and I cannot configure outlook settings or addins.

    2) Package the software (Next, Next, Next). Finish

    3) Edit the package and import the Reg keys I exported

    4) Finished and tested. Works great.