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Stratusphere SpotCheck Methodology – Cheat Sheet

Stratusphere has a lot of data. The SpotCheck documents and methodology are designed to help clients focus on key metrics. SpotCheck is not an exhaustive “Health Check” of the systems but can identify high impact issues that can affect the users. Think of the SpotCheck documents as a cheat sheet of industry standard metrics and their accepted max values.

SpotCheck Docs for Virtual, Physical and Cloud Environments are Attached.

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Docs Last Updated: 05/15/2022


  • Could you please clarify a point in the Spot Check for VMware guide.

    under the page file section, it says:

    Do Not turn off the paging file in windows. Set to Minimum Size.

    Do NOT use “System Managed” – Set the page file start size to ¼ the memory.

    On a guest machine with 8GB of RAM, my minimum page file size is 16MB, which is certainly not a quarter of the memory. Should the minimum be set to 2048MB? What should the maximum be?

  • Chris_Walker
    Chris_Walker admin
    edited November 2020

    @bzilinek this has been a huge issue in the VDI industry for a long time. Everyone agrees that the machine should NOT be paging if the system is setup properly for the users and applications. Windows Paging causes CPU and Disk Load on machines and the underlying hypervisor.

    Assuming that the machine is not using the page file: Set the minimum to what ever Windows allows and the Max to the Recommended Windows MAX. The Page File will grow dynamically as needed.

    I don't like "System Managed" because the OS has to LOCK the Page file to grow it and this causes extra CPU/Disk over head. If it is pre-allocated to a minimum size you don't have these issues.

    If your Windows Machines are Paging all the time and have a lot of "Hard Page Faults" you MUST add memory to the machine.

    Note: Windows will always send information to the page file. 100-300MB is ok. Try to minimize this as much as possible to reduce CPU and Disk overhead. Give the machine/user 1 more GB of RAM may reduce a lot of CPU/Disk issues.

  • Out of 341 user records this week, only the top 5 have over 200 hard page faults. Soft page faults are an entirely different story. Those get very high in many cases, as does page file usage percentages.

    I will try both those options, Chris. Thank you.