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Configuring VMware Horizon's Clipboard State Dynamically On Session Reconnect When Using Blast

johnnyma ✭✭

This configuration is to allow for managing VMware Horizon's clipboard state dynamically without forcing users to logoff and log back on. The use case for this is if users connect to Horizon remotely where the clipboard functionality may not be allowed but then later on they reconnect the session when they are in the office and the clipboard function is allowed. This allows it so users are not forced to logoff and back on or reconnect, disconnect and then reconnect the session again in order to get the functionality going.

For this to work, in the Application Launcher section of the configuration after importing, there will need to be 2 filters defined for items 5 and 6. These need to be created to distinguish endpoints to control the state of enabling or disabling the clipboard as the clipboard state is governed by the same registry key with different values.

To use the attached configuration; simply rename the file to remove the .txt extension, import the .json into an existing ProfileUnity configuration and set the filters.