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How can I create the best FlexApp Packaging Console?

The best FlexApp packages come from a clean FlexApp console. To start, you read the guide found here:


Next, you should install your runtimes, which can be found here:


Finally, you should use the following process to optimize your image, assuming you are using version 1607-1903 of Windows 10:

First, download the attached .TXT file and rename it to an .XML

1. Run the attached template in the same directory as the VMWare Optimizer. 

2. Run the VMWare Optimizer, select the FPC_Windows 10_Version 7 template, select Analyze and then Optimize. 

3. Disable the user account that you're currently logged into. 

4. Enable the SID-500 master Administrator account and set a password. 

5. Reboot. There will be an error at login where it tries to login with the cached account that you first used to build the OS. This is normal. 

6. Login with the Administrator account. 

7. Snapshot and save the image. You can now clone it for use as an FlexApp Packaging Console. Enjoy!

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