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Report Builder

So we have the API Builder which is great and eventually intuitive to build out.

Can we get a report builder too, so we can properly build and modify reports that we can schedule on email?

For example, there is a report to provide encryption status on the disks. I get the machine name of the device, but I don't get the user associated/last logged in to that device. If I go through inspectors I can find out this information, but I would like this to come through on a schedule.

There are template files in XML code that can be used for reports, but the xml code is 5000 lines and not very intuitive to build out.

I would like to be able to build reports and pick all the fields I want in the reports and then email them.

If not this, then have the ability in the API builder to email out the results on a schedule. This was mentioned in another feature request.

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