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Flexapp Automation Using Chocolatey


  • Install and setup your Flexapp Automation infrastructure.
  • Install the Chocolatey Agent into the FPA agent systems
  • Edit the MakeSecurePasswordFile.ps1 and change the output paths
    • $credentialFilePath = "C:\Users\administrator\Desktop\Automation\password.txt"
      • $AESKeyFilePath = "C:\Users\administrator\Desktop\Automation\aeskey.txt"
  • Create a password and AES file by running MakeSecurePasswordFile.ps1
  • Edit UpdateBatchWChoco2.0.psm1
    • [string]$global:servername= "proserver"
    • $user = "administrator"
      • $passwordFileLocation = "C:\Users\administrator\Desktop\Automation\password.txt"
    • $AESKeyFilePath = "C:\Users\administrator\Desktop\Automation\aeskey.txt"

  • Edit the CSV with the Chocolatey applications you would like to package/Update
    • Example:
      • Name,Size,Installer,InstallerArgs
      • 7zip,20480,C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe,/c choco install 7zip --silent
  • import the UpdateBatchWChoco2.0.psm1
    • import-module UpdateBatchWChoco2.0.psm1
  • Run the following command:
    • update-FPABatchJob -jobfile "C:\Users\administrator\Desktop\Automation\test.csv" -argfile "C:\Users\administrator\Desktop\argfileDemo.json" -server "https://proserver:9075"

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