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After the Sale Support, Experience, and Partnership

Chris_Walker admin
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Liquidware solutions are designed to meet many needs in complex user environment spaces. Every day we work with our clients and partners to solve complex business and technical issues.

Unlike many software providers we don't just close the sale and then say goodbye. We are always here for you!

Many of our clients have benefited from our technology, our team's great deal of experience and commitment to our client success.

Examples of this are:

"This is not a ProfileUnity issue but I can help you find your Active Directory issue".

"This is not a Stratusphere problem but I can help you find your user network latency problem".

Make sure you know your Liquidware Team. We are always here to help.

Liquidware Account Management Team: Responsible for overall account management and wellness. This team is responsible for primary communications and getting the right resource on the phone to service our clients needs.

Liquidware Field System Engineers Team: Available to all clients for ad hoc training, questions, optimization or "I'm DOWN and need help!". This team has many years of experience across many clients and platforms. They share information learned from client issues with many other clients to help our clients resolve/prevent issues in their own environment.

Liquidware Support Team: Available when something in one of our solutions is not working as expected. This team works to resolve issues with our solutions but often times has to resolve other environmental issues that affect our solutions. This team has access to Field Systems Engineers, Dev and Support for rapid response.

Liquidware Professional Services Team: Engaged either on a project or hourly basis, this team deals with anything from upgrades, training, design, assessment and a plethora of other topics. The Professional Services Team has access to our Field Systems Engineers, Dev and Support for rapid response.

Liquidware Training Services Team: Provides instructor led classes on our solutions. They also are responsible for the free training found on our site.

Liquidware Product Management and Development Team: Responsible for all the great technology requested by you the client through feedback that is provided and in many cases by forecasting into the future what clients will want/need. This is the team that makes all of our technology possible.

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