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Power BI common errors and how to fix them

Short list of common errors you might encounters when trying to run a Power BI report using Stratusphere API.

1)    API not set up correctly

Before running Power BI, you should make sure that API access is enabled. To do so, open a web browser and enter the following URL:

[Stratusphere HUB or IP]/lwl/api

If Stratusphere has enabled access to the API on this machine, you will see the following page:

Otherwise, you will see one of 2 error messages:

-       Message indicating that your license is not valid.      Contact your Liquidware account manager or SE.

-       Message indicating that the IP associated with your machine does not have permission. Follow the step below:

1)    Copy the IP address from the error message

2)    Open Stratusphere web UI and log in administration

3)    Go to Hub Administration>configuration>other settings

4)    Paste the IP in the field named “API client Ips”

5)    Click on “save Changes”

6)    Verify the changes were successful by testing the URL mentioned above ([Stratusphere HUB or IP]/lwl/api)

2)    Security error message when trying to refresh data in Power BI

Power BI security is preventing the query(ies) to run from an unknown source (Stratusphere).

There are ways to modify Power BI security restrictions, but the simplest approach is to upload an SSL certificate on Stratusphere :


3)    Error message after data refresh about a column name not being found

Very frequent issue, especially when opening a template designed by another but not always. Power BI is particularly finnicky about column formatting being done after a query has returned data and sometimes cannot follow the steps.

To fix this issue, follow the steps below

1)    In Power BI, click on the query having issue on the left side

2)    On the right side, you should see a section named “applied steps” including the following:

  • Promoted Headers
  • Changed Type

3)    Click on the left “x” mark left of those 2 steps to remove them

4)    Error message should disappear and you should see the data, except the column headers are now in the first row

5)    In the top ribbon, click on “use first row as headers”. This will redo the formatting and fix the error.

6)    Save