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Disable FlexApp on Windows client

Good evening, I am looking for some advice on how to correctly disable/deactivate the FlexApp subsystem on the Windows client side. We are leveraging Profile Unity 6.8.4 on Windows 10 20H2/2009 in AWS, and we have several configurations assigning FlexApps.

I have tried the DisableFeature user reg key, as mentioned here: List of features that can be disable with a "DisableFeature" registry value – Liquidware Customer Support (zendesk.com). But that is getting reset to a default value at login.

Disabling the VHD driver seemed to work in 6.8.3 H2, but not in 6.8.4. How to disable VHD driver installed during PU client install. – Liquidware Customer Support (zendesk.com)

Refactoring our configuration is an option but preferably avoided at this time. Any help or tips is much appreciated.



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