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Would like to see Alert notifications in MS Teams instead of emails.

Would be great if you could give us an option to push alert notifications via incoming Teams Web hook.

If that's gonna take some time to develop, hopefully as a short term solution would like to see an option to run a PS script on the hub that would do a push to teams.

Assuming we can install MS powershell on the hub and use this script to push notifications from the hub.



$body = ConvertTo-JSON @{

text = "[$($ID)] Alarm - $($AlarmName) for $($NodeName) has been changed to $($Status) (previous state: $($OldStatus))"


Invoke-RestMethod -uri $uri -Method Post -body $body -ContentType 'application/json'

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  • Love it..... I will get with some of our Powershell SEs and see if we provide a base framework to the Stratusphere API. This is a really great idea. I will probably move this conversation to the API forum as we develop this more.

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