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More Issues with Stratusphere 6.5.0

User Inventory is populating correctly, however, the Inspectors/Observed Users/Reports all stop at less than 10% of the User being reported/calling back? The Hub was rebooted and now we get 404 errors when trying to connect to the Hub Web UI. The Hub and DB appliance consoles show connections and are running (and can ping each other). Enhanced Security was enabled a couple of weeks ago in prep for enabling the smart card module. We are probably going to have to open a ticket, but wanted to see if anyone else has had this issue or knows of a quick work-around.


  • Update:

    We rebuilt both appliances (after deploying the updated CID Keys) and we are still seeing that the Observed User counts don't match the number of sessions showing in Horizon. When looking at the tntgrd_log, we see the following entry: "do_windows_login_stats_post: name [email protected] query tuid is 0". I expect this means that it is registering the user Smith as "No_Logged_In_User" instead of the actual user. However, why does the Inventory show the last check in time for that user is being updated?

    I guess we need to open a ticket as these forums don't seem very active....

  • @VirtualMike there are 3 hotfixes for Stratusphere 6.5.0. Please open a ticket with support. All the issues you listed above are fixed with the hotfixes that support can provide. This was a HUGE upgrade that changed out the OS, DB and many API upgrades.

    The community site is watched by [email protected] dev and the field SEs.

    Please send me a DM on the community site and I can help as needed.

  • @Chris_Walker - Thank you...We were able to get the hotfix and it resolved, for the most part, the issue with the observed user count and No Login User. One system we imported the user list from AD and in the Remote Display Inspector it still shows everyone as No Login User. We are going to purge the DB data over the weekend and remove the AD import to see if the Auto registration piece will work and clear that up (the other Hub/DB we didn't do an AD import and post hotfix we don't see the same issue).

    There are still some issues that we see with version 6.5.0 that used to work properly or that we weren't using and are trying to configure that just don't do what the documentation leads us to believe...like the Network Inspector will display the Source and Destination IP but the Machine Name (source and destination basis) will show up as Unknown Nodes. We can't get the Connector ID Properties Configure Metrics - Measure latency of client process fields to "stick". After we enter the enter the client process we want to track, when we go back and look or change the fields (applications, remote destination) are now blank (no we don't have the Override custom settings select)...but I made another post about under my Google Chrome example post. So far we are not very happy with this version and all these quirks/bugs...

  • @VirtualMike I see multiple issues here. Some look like training and some look like known issue with the underlying protocols that we are collecting from. If you can, please setup a call with me and the field SE that supports your account.

    For Example: The Network Inspector "TAB" is only good if you are using our Network Stations in Sniffer Mode.. And you would need to deploy our "Advanced CID" for that traffic to show up in that tab.

    The CID Measure latency is a known issue with a fix.

    Please schedule a call with your field SE and me to help resolve these issues.

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