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Application Monitoring/Reporting

Is there anyway to have Stratusphere report the full version of applications like Google Chrome? For example, when using the Inspectors/Reports/Dashboards, Google Chrome version 87.4280.88 (and .66) show up only as Google Chrome 87.4280. I am sure it is how, or where Stratusphere is pulling the version information and that this really should be a Feature Request...but wanted to ask if there was anyway that we can change it on our end (custom API etc...)

Running Stratusphere 6.5.0


  • @VirtualMike This can be done in the Application tab by drilling down to Google Chrome(Or Any App) and adding the basis "Version". You can also add a basis for machines to show what machines are running what versions. This has been available in Stratusphere for several years.

    Please let me know if you need training on the interface and how to pull this data.

    Note: The Stratusphere API can do this too.

  • Thank you for your reply. However, I think you missed the part of my post where I was asking about showing out to the rest of the version of Google Chrome. In your screen shot you show 86.0.4240, for example, but if you actually look at the details of the executable (or in Apps and Features) there is an additional ".xx" or "xxx". These are important as Vulnerability Scanners are looking for the full version string.

  • So here is another question in terms of application monitoring...We have recreated some of our Smart Groups that we had special Connector ID Properties configured to Measure latency of the client process connecting to remote IP addresses. However, when we go to Configure Metrics and enter our list of applications (chrome, firefox, internet explorer, outlook for example) and hit Save...when we go back in the fields are blank yet the check box to enable the option is still set. We verified that the All Machines group does not have the Override all custom settings...enabled...so is this yet another "bug" in v6.5.0? Or is there some new way to enter this information (format) that isn't in the documentation?

  • @VirtualMike The above post on on version information is what is being reported to the OS.

    The smart group save - this is a bug in 6.5.0. Yes. As we moved from CentoOS 6 to CentOS 8, and a newer version of the DB we have found issues. We are working hard to resolve these issues and have KB articles from our support forms on how to resolve.

    Please schedule time with you field SE on these issues.

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