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Stratusphere 6.5.0

We recently built new Stratusphere environment (Hub/DB) and are seeing some issues. The User Inventory is set to Auto Register on CID call back, however, when looking in the Inventory there is nothing being populated. When looking at the Hub Administration, the Observed Users shows the correct number of customers (matches Horizon View and Physical Logons). When looking at User based metrics or reports, everything is showing as "No Logged in User". We did not have these issues with the 6.1.5 Hub/DB and we used the same settings....but we DID NOT import the data from the previous version due to inconsistencies in the data we wanted to start "clean".

What are we missing or is this an issue that others are seeing?


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  • VirtualMike
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    Update: turns out that the key is not fully supported. Once we started getting the machines to check in properly, we were able to update some of the CID Keys to 6.5.0 and then the User Inventory started to populate.


  • The 6.x key is fully supported. The migration moves over the old HUB and DB. If you have an issue please contact support.

  • Due to some other issues we were seeing with data, we did not import/migrate the existing data from our 6.1.5 appliances. We decided to start with "clean" data. We have deployed the CID key out to the non-persistent virtual desktops and SCCM has started to deploy it out to update the physical devices.

    What we saw was that the 6.1.5 CID key would talk to the new .6.5.0 appliances and update machine based inventory and metrics...however, users were not registering on callback so the version is not fully supported when not migrating data.

    We have also seen now (separate post) that User based data is still not correct even with the updated CID keys and new appliances. The users are registering correctly on callback now, however, when we look at the Observed Users it shows ~10% of the actual users...if we have 1000 customers logged into VDI, 1000 machines callback properly (update inventory, report metrics etc...), but we will only get 100 users worth of data (Inspectors/Reports/Observed Users) even though the Inventory shows updates the last login details properly.

  • @VirtualMike our agents are tested backward compatible for 5 versions. That being said new metrics will be missing with older agents.

    If you did not migrate the data from the old 6.1.5 system to 6.5.0 the agents would not be able to check in properly. Please work with your Sales SE or support on a proper migration plan to resolve this.