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Dashboard Design, Methodology and Best Practices

Dashboard design is an art! I like Pie Charts and you like Bar Charts. Beauty and Simplicity is in the eye of the beholder.

I have been building dashboards for clients in many solution for many years. The only constant is the data. Every person is unique and has a picture in their head of what they are looking for. Unfortunately they cannot translate that to a canvas. So this is the ART of building a dashboard.

As a dashboard designer we have to pull the information out of the target audience and guide them to an end goal that makes them successful.

Attached to this article is the Info.zip file that contains:

  1. Dashboard Design Methodology.PDF
  2. Dashboard Examples.PPTX (Power Point)
  3. PNG Examples of all the Widgets in Stratusphere
  4. I will be adding a document soon with Best Practices.

Please review the Liquidware Training Site: Creating Custom Dashboards


  • This is so helpful for streamlining the dashboard customization process! Thank you for outlining the process and reminding us of important questions to ask our customers before creating dashboards.

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