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High Availability and Clustering Options

MrSmithMrSmith ✭✭

Option 1.

General Use File Server Cluster



this does actually support profiledata. Its a bit different then DFS-r as you can see in the article

Option 2.

Storages spaces with Storage Replica




Option 3.

Moving the data into your NAS filer. This is HA by default. 

Dynamic Profiledisks are not compatible in EMC filer as there is a write issue in their version of SMB block addressing make the disk Fixed, or VHDx.

Portability is 100% covered in this case


Option 4.




This will handle the active/Active replication on the back end and you can use DFS-n between the servers for a single name space.

Option 5.

GlobalScape EFT



Option 6.

You can setup 2 file shares with DFS-R set in an active/passive failover state, this way the data is unidirectional and shouldn't cause profile corruption.


Option 7.

Referencing back to 

General Use File Server Cluster, when you eventually move to an OS with SMB3 as an option (win8, 8.1, 10, 2016) you can use a function that is called, SMB Continuous Availability which will transparently shift the SMB to the secondary node in the case of outage on the primary node. This should also support Profiledisk. 


Option 8.


Option 9. 


its free and does proper Active/Active, but some companies don't like Free AND opensource.

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