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Force Agent Update (CID)

Stratusphere Windows Control Panel Applet:

The Stratusphere Agent (CID) has a Windows Control Panel Applet. This article shows the options available in the Control Panel Applet when ran from the command line and how to force an update/upload for the agent (CID) to Stratusphere.

Note: You must be a local machine administrator to run these commands.

Control Panel Applet Location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Liquidware Labs\Connector ID\idcontrol.exe

 Usage: idcontrol [-v] <command>

    -v : verbose


    start: start Connector ID

    stop: stop Connector ID

    clean: clean Connector ID

    callback: force update stats

    debug: display current debug state

    debug: {off|on}: turn debugging off or on

    version: print version information

    properties: print the CID settings

Example Usage:

Force Call Back/Update/Upload of Data:

C:\>"c:\Program Files (x86)\Liquidware Labs\Connector ID\idcontrol.exe" callback

Get Version of Agent:

C:\>"c:\Program Files (x86)\Liquidware Labs\Connector ID\idcontrol.exe" version

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