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SSL Certitificates

We are currently running Stratusphere 6.1.1. We are required to replace the self-signed certificates with custom CA certificates. We followed the https://www.liquidware.com/content/pdf/documents/support/Liquidware-How-Place-Signed-SSL-Certificate-Stratusphere-Appliances.pdf steps and were able to replace the Hub certificate. However, when we follow the document to replace the Database appliance certificate, it fails to restart/start the Postgres DB. Right now, with just the Hub certificate as a custom CA cert, and the Database appliance using the self-signed certificate, we are unable to access the UX Advanced pages. We have tried to cut multiple certs, for the Database appliance, again following the document (and using the same OpenSSL config settings) and it takes the certificate but will not start the database. What are we missing?


  • Hello VirtualMike,

    It sounds like the certificate that you've added to the hub is working. If the httpd service is starting, you should be good there.

    For the DB, if there is a problem with the certificate or key file in /var/lib/pgsql/current/data/, the postgres (database) service will not start. I would run this command to see if there are errors related to the cert or key file:

    tail /var/lib/pgsql/current/pgstartup.log

    If you are are using the original self-signed certificate be sure to put the original matching key file back in place. Also, be sure ownership and permissions are correct on the files; you may have to run the chown and chmod commands in step 12 of the referenced document if you haven't already. You may open a support case if you need more help- https://liquidwarelabs.zendesk.com/

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