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PowerBI Templates for Stratusphere UX

In the attached zip file there are 15 PowerBI templates all based on the StratusphereUX inspectors. If you are familiar with PowerBI this is a great starting point to building your own dashboards based on StratusphereUX data.

Before you click on any of the files in the ZIP make sure you have access to the StratusphereUX API. Also, a trusted certificate is required on the StratusphereUX hub. To create and import a self-signed certificate see the following article. https://community.liquidware.com/discussion/110/creating-and-importing-a-self-signed-certificate-into-stratusphereux/p1?new=1

Once that's arranged all you have to do is click on the templates and fill in the address of your HUB, select a date range and specify if you want to use a European numbers or not. 1 stands for yes, 0 stands for no.

After this window you might be prompted for credentials. These are the same credentials you use to access the StratusphereUX interface.

The last step is to start building your dashboards based on the data from StratusphereUX.

If you have any questions regarding UX data feel free to comment on this post or open a new discussion.


  • I receive an issue when pulling data from the Hub - "The column 'End Date' of the table wasn't found." I am using PowerBI for Desktop v2.83 and Stratusphere 6.5.0 (waiting for approval to patch to v6.5.1). Is it that these templates don't work w/ the version of Stratusphere I am running or is it associated with the version of PowerBI I have?