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Hamon.ie add-on for O365 Outlook


Would anyone have a recipe for Outlook add-ons? Is there some special technique that is used for add-ons? The closest I have come to getting this to work is pinning Outlook to the task bar but even with that, the add-on doesn't show and when I try to add it, it goes through but doesn't show up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • It depends on your add-on. If it installs in the user profile we will not track that. There are some ways to trick some of the plugins but it all depends on how/where it installs it self. Give us the name of the plugin on this forum or email [email protected] to have an SE reach out see if it can be done.

  • MrSmith
    MrSmith ✭✭✭

    to get the Harmon.IE plugin to show up you have to add a regkey to


  • Hi Mr. Smith,

    Where are you suggesting to add this reg key? Are you referring to add it to the client side? Because that key is already added when the install is done on the packaging side of things.

  • MrSmith
    MrSmith ✭✭✭


    when i packaged it up i noticed that it did not add that value into the HKCU section of the flexapp registry only in the HKLM keys. if you are doing more of a "baked in" then you could use the registry module in profileunity to populate these keys. they should also be picked up by the office portability rule set that is built in.