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ProfileUnity system logs inaccessible to users

The ProfileUnity logs may be found in a few different locations. The location depends on which user account is executing the process. The following KB article contains details on the different log locations.

The logs that are located in the %systemroot%\Temp\ProfileUnity path are not accessible to regular user accounts. Admin rights are needed to access this location. This is a challenge for environments restrict the ability to elevate processes. A simple way to work around this restriction is to use the Application Module within ProfileUnity to copy the system logs for ProfileUnity into the users temp folder. This will allow a regular user to access the files without granting permissions to the system temp folder.

Here's an example of an Application Launcher Setting to copy the log files.

Note: The "Arguments" field is not completely visible. Here is the full "Arguments" field:

/c md %temp%\ProfileUnity\System | copy c:\windows\temp\profileunity\* %temp%\ProfileUnity\System\*

You may also want to remove older logs from the directories. See the KB below for examples.